News crew, Runnymede Gardens

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Ten years ago today I created the 228th post for Greenford 365. To mark the blog’s anniversary I will attempt to post a photo every day throughout 2022.

Greenford is in the news for the worst reason. An elderly man was stabbed in Cayton Road yesterday afternoon while riding his mobility scooter. Many residents remain unaware of what has happened, a sign of how much the area has changed because there was a time when the news would have spread rapidly as neighbours spoke to each other. The fact that someone so vulnerable has been attacked in this way, in daylight and with such a degree of violence, has attracted reporters and photographers, held back from the location by a police cordon. Anyone who was in the area at around 4pm and saw or recorded the victim on a dashcam or headcam is being asked to contact them.

A decade ago I published a post about the murder of an elderly woman, killed for the sake of a small amount of money. There is no explanation as yet for the motivation for this attack, but there is a sense that the viciousness of these crimes has worsened. I do not feel unsafe as I wander around Greenford carrying a camera but I might not feel that way if I was elderly or had an obvious disability.

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