Weeds, Greenford Road

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Ten years ago today I created the 188th post for Greenford 365. To mark the blog’s anniversary I will attempt to post a photo every day throughout 2022.

One of the concerns that local residents have about new developments is their appearance and maintenance, with the reasonable fear that it could impact the value of their homes. Just as someone selling a property may enhance its desirability by redecorating the interior and tidying up the garden, developers introduce planting schemes. At Greenford Quay one of the challenges has been to retain some of the lovely wildness the GSK site displayed in the time it was out of use, and would be lost once tower blocks replaced it. Alas, it costs a lot to establish, weed and irrigate them once they are in place, it is already a struggle to keep litter at bay without the support of volunteers, so it does not come as a surpise to find that half this once charming display of white roses and hebe has been taken over by weeds and, as it has not rained sufficiently, that the shrubs are wilting in the summer heat. I doubt if this is the wildness they had in mind. Along the Grand Union Canal towpath similar efforts at what could be described as “prairie planting” have been attempted but the concept requires a higher density than usual of desired plants in order to prevent undesirable weeds from taking hold, as well as a significant amount of maintenance before such areas can be left to take care of themselves. Unfortunately neither the gardeners not the water appear to be available. If tenants are unwilling to foot the bill for the care of planting schemes it is only a matter of time before they are replaced with a less demanding, and less natural, alternative.

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