Heritage Centre, Ravenor Farm, Oldfield Lane South


Edited to add that the museum closed in 2019.

Tucked away amongst the buildings housing the London Motorcycle Museum is Greenford’s Heritage Centre. Here you will find examples of the paraphernalia of everyday life, anything and everything familiar to the average resident of Greenford past. This is the place to come if you want to see the radios, kitchenware, heaters, lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners that your grandparents used, as well as the packaging they would have recognised. The collection was started by David Blackwell, a local historian, who realised that these items were being discarded as they began to wear out or become obsolete. Word spread about his efforts to save this everyday heritage and the collection began to grow, as donations were made by people who wanted to find a home for things that had been part of their lives. The collection is now so large that the centre is full to bursting.

So far this has been a one man effort and I feel that David needs as much financial and volunteer support as he can get to take it forward. This collection needs to be housed in a larger and more appropriate space as soon as possible so that it can be displayed properly. It deserves to be taken far more seriously by Ealing Council and local residents. For the moment the best way to secure its future is to visit the collection (for the ridiculously low charge of £1) and ask questions about it. It has so much potential, for instance, David has been asked to take part in a scheme that encourages older people with dementia and memory loss to examine items that were once familiar to them. If you live in Greenford and you have an interest in local history please support this project.

To confirm that the centre is open before making the journey please contact davidblackwell99@gmail.com

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