Blocks of flats, Greenford Road


I’ve always wondered just when these two blocks of flats were built. Most people associate suburbia with semi-detached houses but there were probably just as many apartments built in the 1930’s. I think these may have been constructed after WW2 as the entrances have an Art Deco quality but are far plainer and more utilitarian than others in the area built in the mid 1930’s. They may have been built as social housing and have gone into private ownership. The block in the foreground has new, more secure entrances, whereas the one in the distance appears to have retained the original doors. It also has concrete washing line posts in the yard to the rear of the building which seem to be contemporary. Most if not all of the windows have been replaced.

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2 thoughts on “Blocks of flats, Greenford Road

  1. the very top flat on the left of the photo is number 688 it was were my aunt and uncle lived with my two cousins brenda and norma, i had many years of happy memories of that flat. the top left window was the bedroom of my cousins, the next window is the kitchen window and the one set back is the bathrooma nd toilet, around the back is a little balcony, overlooking the courtyard, they are all contained now behind a wooden fence, when we were young we sat on that grass verge to the side and chatted with our friends. when my aunt and uncle moved out, another aunt and uncle bought the flat from the council, they moved, so i suppose now it is still privately owned

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