Summit, Horsenden Hill


This is the highest point in the area, 85m above sea level. The summit of Horsenden Hill is on the route of the Capital Ring walk and although it is steep in places the climb is worth it for the view. Neighbouring slopes are covered in the characteristic mock Tudor semis of suburbia but this area was set aside as a conservation area fairly early on. One ranger described it to me as a “green island” and a grazing project between July and October uses one of the fields on the slopes to control scrub and enhance diversity. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some friendly cows. Evidence of occupation in the Iron Age and Roman periods has been found here and much of the land around the hill was in agricultural use until the 20th century. The Wembley arch is visible from here. This is a short video of the view.

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2 thoughts on “Summit, Horsenden Hill

  1. carole on said:

    your video will save me the walk..! However it’s a shame about the trees! they obscure the views when we we were young the view was a lot better the trees weren’t as tall and not as many! we flew oout kites from up there great and we ran up and down the hill.

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