Remembrance Sunday, Greenford Broadway

A fine crisp morning for the Remembrance Sunday service at the war memorial in Greenford Broadway. Unusually it fell on Armistice Day this year. The parade formed at the Royal British Legion in Oldfield Lane North then marched along Coston’s Lane, Greenford Road and Greenford Broadway, halting in front of the war memorial. The police re-directed traffic and set up rolling road blocks along the route. Wreaths were laid by local dignitaries as well as individual crosses. A considerable crowd attended the service, representing a wide range of ages, nationalities and faiths. Greenford’s war memorial was unveiled on the 12th June 1921 in remembrance of the nineteen local men killed in the Great War. You can read more about it on the Ealing Council website by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday, Greenford Broadway

  1. We must never forget the sacrifices made by so many generations. If you step back and view the twentieth century across the world, it was an absolute horror from start to finish. We’ve been so lucky in England in our lifetimes to avoid the worst of it. But still our soldiers are dying in far off places for reasons everyone has forgotten…

    • I agree. During the service the rector of Holy Cross said that his grandfather had gone to Europe to kill Germans, his father had gone to Europe to kill Germans but he himself had gone to Germany to sing alongside Germans and he felt that was progress of some kind. I wish I’d been able to record it. I think you have to remember that some people really do believe that British forces are where they should be and they include those who are serving. I know what it’s like to watch the news and wonder whether the latest person killed is someone I know so I can’t treat the issue lightly. If today’s military personnel didn’t believe it was worth the sacrifice I doubt if they would have signed up for it. At present we don’t have compulsory National Service, the members of our armed services are all volunteers.

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