Fireworks advertisement, car park, near Greenford Road

I’ve seen hardly any of these advertisements for fireworks this year. When I was a child you could buy fireworks at every newsagent inclined to sell them in the weeks leading up to Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th of November. A few years ago they began to be on sale everywhere all the time which began to erode the tolerance that most people had towards their occasional use. Pet owners and anyone else who finds loud bangs a nuisance could no longer prepare for the two or three days each year that they expected them to be in use. Fireworks were set off in Greenford’s gardens for weeks on end as parties were held for Guy Fawkes as well as religious festivals. Older residents (especially veterans) became upset when the quiet of Remembrance Sunday was disturbed which led to a more respectful and limited approach to their use. This year I suspect there will be fewer fireworks simply because times are hard.

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2 thoughts on “Fireworks advertisement, car park, near Greenford Road

  1. Fireworks should not be set off after midnight on 5th November, and not after 11pm on any other day, West Midlands Police are reminding the public.They are drawing attention to four points of law:

    No under-18s can be in possession of ‘adult’ fireworks in public. This excludes sparklers
    No-one, regardless of age, can possess fireworks designed for use by professional display operators only
    It is illegal to use adult fireworks between the hours of 11pm and 7am
    A one-hour extension, until 12am, is granted on Bonfire Night (5th November)
    cutting from a newspaper, this law is toothless………just wait until Diwali, Fireworks are ongoing until early hours of the morning!

    • I agree with you that it is almost impossible to enforce that law on the use of fireworks. I heard two go off at around midnight. How is any police officer supposed to deal with those responsible? I feel that part of the solution would be to publicise the rules on their use and safer communities teams could be very effective in doing this, if only they didn’t have so much else to do. It could also be made a requirement that householders provide 24 hours notice to their neighbours if they are going to let off fireworks on their property so that they can protect their pets from the noise. I heard of one occasion when a barrage of fireworks was let off without warning in a back garden and the neighbour’s rabbits died of shock. There is also an increasing awareness of the impact on veterans and the charity Combat Stress has made a point this year of promoting their helpline for those who are finding it hard to cope.

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