Site of Perivale Maternity Hospital, Haymill Close

This small attractive housing estate is Greenford’s Royal connection because it’s where the mother of the Duchess of Cambridge was born in 1955. This is the site of Perivale Maternity Hospital which was in use between 1937 and 1986.  The land was eventually sold to Ealing Council and these homes were built by the Notting Hill Housing Trust. The mistakes made by earlier planners, who favoured tower blocks, were learned by those responsible for this project, which includes both flats and houses with gardens. The development is bounded to the south by the London Water Ring Main. You can find out more about Perivale Maternity Hospital on a website called “Lost Hospitals of London”, which is clearly a labour of love. The “About” page will be of particular interest to anyone whose local hospital is facing changes as a result of government cuts.

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8 thoughts on “Site of Perivale Maternity Hospital, Haymill Close

  1. carole on said:

    I was born In Perivale Maternity Hospital in 1945, my own daughter was born there in 1964. i can see in the photo, the window of the ground floor room i was in with her, at that time new mums were in hospital for 9 days give or take a day!

  2. Maura on said:

    My daughter was born there in 1987 so it could not have closed in 1986.

  3. I was born Afred James Gibbs to Avis Gouge/Gibbs, 18:18:48.
    I was given away to a Mr & Mrs. Stampbridge who lived or stayed at 18 Beryl street Chiswick after leaving Perivale Hospital.
    I am keen to contact my foster parents who kept me until I was 4 yrs of age and then placed me in an orphanage.
    I do not have many details except that I was in an another orphanage at age 6.
    I lived at 23 Sunnyside street Chiswick.
    Can anyone help me to locate a these very kind people who cared for me for as long as they could. Thank you so much. God bless you. John

    • John, I’m publishing your comment even though I feel the chances of your making contact with your foster parents through this blog are very slim, although their younger relatives might come across it. You have advised me that your date of birth is in fact 18/10/1948, not 18/18/1948. I recommend that you join Facebook, if you are not already a member (be sure to limit your privacy settings to the level you prefer), and look for the “Greenford, Middlesex” page and the “LONDON BORN ‘N BRED” group. You can leave posts/comments on the first without having to join and they can be seen by all Facebook members. The second is a closed group which you will have to join and posts/comments will only be visible to members of that group. Good luck with your search.

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