Fox, in our garden

This fox is an occasional visitor to our garden, especially in fine weather when it curls up in roughly the same spot every time, shifting to stay in the sun. When I began taking photographs it gave me a a pitying look and went back to sleep. Foxes have had a bad press in the UK over recent years and if I was the parent of small children or owned a pet that had been savaged I might not feel so friendly towards this one. There has been a huge increase in the fox population and they are far less shy than some humans would like them to be. Earlier this year several of them were found in the canal after being killed deliberately, a particularly cruel incident. I can only remember one occasion when a fox caused a problem – rubbish that someone had left out on the wrong day had been scattered everywhere. Apart from some blood-curdling shrieks during the night and the occasional unexpected gift (mainly shoes) we don’t find them a nuisance. We don’t feed them as some of our neighbours do but a dish of water is provided for all our garden visitors. I’m happy to see foxes because I know they will hunt any rats they come across and they are a connection with the past, to a time before our house was built. Information is available from the Fox Project for those who don’t feel the same way (this is a temporary link to their Facebook page while their site is under maintenance).

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2 thoughts on “Fox, in our garden

  1. Can’t put the rubbish out overnight, but otherwise no harm, I guess. Foxes’ paradise in Ealing.

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