Tesco supermarket, Hoover Factory, Bideford Avenue

This is where a great many residents of Greenford get their groceries, the Hoover Factory branch of Tesco. This extraordinary Art Deco building was designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, and the complex was completed in 1938. Vacuum cleaners were produced here until the 1980’s at which point its future became uncertain. It was eventually given a Grade II* listing, and in 1992 it was taken over by Tesco and restored. The entrance and car park are at the rear, accessed from Bideford Avenue. When the store was first opened the lights that show off the facade at night were so powerful that the dramatic green glow could be seen for miles but they’ve turned them down since then. During WW2 the factory was used to make electrical equipment for the military and the huge white building had to be camouflaged. There’s even a song about it, “Hoover Factory” by Elvis Costello. It makes shopping anywhere else seem dull.

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2 thoughts on “Tesco supermarket, Hoover Factory, Bideford Avenue

  1. I can never stop myself breaking into song whenever I pass it on the coach on the way to see my sister:

    Green for go, green for action
    From Park Royal to North Acton
    It has scrolls and inscriptions like those of the Egyptian age
    One of these days the Hoover Factory’s gonna be all the rage
    In those fashionable pages…
    Five miles out of London on the Western Avenue…

    My Elvis Costello impression leaves a lot to be desired, mind.

    • You sound better than I would – other people pay me not to sing! He was right wasn’t he but it took a while. It managed to avoid the fate of the Firestone factory which was demolished quickly as soon as the owners discovered it was going to be listed. Perhaps I can get Elvis to write songs about the Greenford Granada and the Starlite Ballroom. Thanks for commenting.

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