Batmobile, Tir Chonaill Gaels Club, Berkeley Avenue

Yes, it’s a Batmobile, in a field, in Greenford. It was the most unusual exhibit at the Irish Vintage Club Charity Day, which was held on the playing fields at the Tir Chonaill Gaels GAA Club. An amazing array of beautifully maintained carstractors and trucks were on show, and those with excess energy were tossing hay bales or taking part in the “man versus tractor” event. This was a fundraiser for three charities, Meadow House Hospice, Acton Homeless Concern, Cricklewood Homeless Concern and The Lighthouse Club.

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4 thoughts on “Batmobile, Tir Chonaill Gaels Club, Berkeley Avenue

  1. cheesefortheweekend on said:

    How do you find out about all these events? I heard the music last night from this event and assumed some neighbour was having a party! If we’d known, we’d be there!
    Love the blog by the way, I’m a regular visitor although I can’t always work out where the pictures are taken.

    • I actually miss out on quite a lot of events because I don’t hear about them in time. The Greenford and Northolt Gazette is full of information, there’s a “Greenford, Middlesex” Facebook page, the Ealing Today email newsletter, posters and leaflets that come through the door. Now that more people are aware of the blog I also get told about things that might be of interest. One of the reasons I set up the blog is that I knew that lots of things were going on in the area but realised that those involved weren’t networking or connecting. A lot of events like the vintage car event happen just as you describe, just around the corner, but are missed by the very people it would appeal to. I saw a tiny mention of it in the Gazette. Greenford is full of people who dance, sing, garden, keep bees, make films and many other things but aren’t worried about or good at telling others that they do it! Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you like the blog. I try not to make the titles too long which can make the location a bit vague and sometimes there are reasons for not being specific.

  2. cheesefortheweekend on said:

    Thanks, I’ll certainly look into using some of those sources!
    Actually, the only location that I’d really be interested in finding out about was the posting for 20 Aug. I cannot find a reference to cayton sports ground – is it the same as Ealing northern sports?

    • If you’re looking for the bats the place they are most noticeable is at this arch which gives access to Conway Crescent from the footpath alongside Cayton Sports Ground, also called Cayton Green park. This is to the east of the railway line between Greenford and South Greenford stations: It runs between the southern end of Bennetts Avenue and the northern end of Cayton Road. Hope you find it but email me if you need more details.

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