Drive-thru, Westway Cross retail park, Greenford Road

There are to be some changes at Westway Cross retail park. McDonalds is preparing to move to larger premises in a slightly different location. The restaurant and its “drive-thru” facility have been popular since they opened and don’t seem to have had an adverse effect on other food outlets close by. There is still a long way to go before it opens, it is barely a building site as yet, but I expect efforts will be made to ensure it is ready to serve shoppers during the pre-Christmas rush. Two other food outlets opened at Westway Cross recently, Costa Coffee and Subway, and they seem to be holding their own, along with Boots which also has a range of food available. A larger restaurant may mean more jobs but an application has been made to extend its opening hours through the night which some residents fear will lead to more litter and noise.

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2 thoughts on “Drive-thru, Westway Cross retail park, Greenford Road

  1. Personally I’m not a big fan of McDonalds so I am against it extending the working hours through the night. Subway is a little bit better choice for fast food.

    • I haven’t got an opinion on what any of these outlets sell but they do do provide local jobs and a lot of people are grateful for that. I accept that McDonalds have had a lot of ground to make up on environmental and employment issues but so far people have voted with their feet in large enough numbers for them to make these changes so at present they are winning the argument. I am concerned about an increase in litter but I think an improvement in that area is down to personal responsibility on the part of people who visit these places. Even where there are no fast food outlets Greenford is strewn with litter, I’m not sure what happened to the concept of people taking their rubbish home with them. Thanks for commenting.

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