Betham School House, Oldfield Lane South

This building was the school house built and endowed by Edward Betham, Rector of Greenford Magna, across the road from the church of Holy Cross where he is buried. Built in 1780, it provided an education for poor children and is just one example of his generosity towards the people of Greenford. Eventually the school moved to a larger building further along the road and the building became a private residence (to find out what it says on the plaque take a look at the Greenford Magna website – click here).

Greenford was a small farming community when he knew it and I think he would have been stunned at its transformation during the 1930s. Fields became houses and streets that required a postal service so scarlet letter boxes like this one would have begun to appear on the brand new pavements. This one probably dates from 1936, when George VI became king, after the abdication of Edward VIII.

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2 thoughts on “Betham School House, Oldfield Lane South

  1. Frank on said:

    This letter box bears the cipher of George V who reigned from 1910-1936. Have you seen the Edward VII letter box in Whitton Avenue East?

    • I thought it looked rather plain for a George VI one, the letters are usually more ornate aren’t they? Interesting because that part of Oldfield Lane must have been the centre of Greenford when it was still a village. I don’t know where the post office would have been or when one was set up. Strange to think that we had three kings in 1936.

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