London Water Ring Main at Queens Avenue

I began to notice these stretches of open ground when I took a photo of a small building in Ruislip Road East because it stood in one that lined up with another on the other side of the road. Both had gates and fences like this one. A look at the satellite map of the area showed a number of them in Greenford linked together by areas that could be distinguished because nothing was built on them. Along with my partner I began to speculate about what they were. A road? An abandoned railway line? A former canal? Sadly the truth was more prosaic. This is part of London’s water system, kept clear of any development other than roads to allow access. Most of these places have the same lovely gates, covered in weathered green paint, in various states of repair. The new gates across the road from these aren’t as attractive. See how far you can follow the line of the main on the satellite map.

I would have preferred a lost canal.

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One thought on “London Water Ring Main at Queens Avenue

  1. Carole on said:

    The pumping station is at the side of Lidl on the Ruislip Road East, and the first stretch of land akin to your photo is at the side of the maisonettes as you enter Costons Lane. where you were in Ribchester Road, this land crosses visibly half way along that road and heads off toward A40. it is amazing to see.cross the avo and pick it up alongside Coniston and Rydal Crescenty and then off it goes to the back of Perivale Induistrial , noticable at May Gardens and Manor Farm Road ,Alperton, where it mysteriously disappears, to pop up again at Abbey Avenue, Crabtree Ave and onto the North Circular Road junction Wycombe Road near Heather Park Drive an into the canal at the NCR bridges the other side of the NCR junction you can see the canal appear again. it’s indistinguishable where the water pipe ends but the canal flows on, where it meanders it is and will be amazing piece of engineering

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