A new road surface, Greenford Road

Framed by the lovely arch that carries the Central Line, these are some of the houses affected for years by noise and vibrations caused by traffic passing over potholes. Unfortunately the lovely new road surface only stretches from this point to just in front of the house at the centre of the image. Will the rest of Greenford Road receive the same treatment or will other residents continue to live with the problem? Apart from sleepless nights householders have found that the vibrations can be so bad that they cause walls and windows to crack.

The work was carried out quickly and efficiently but, in spite of their best efforts, those managing the traffic were unable to prevent delays along one of the busiest roads in the area. As a consequence traffic backed up beyond the Flyover and I watched an ambulance struggle to reach the local surgery. This is worth noting as, if HS2 goes ahead, similar delays could be caused when the project reaches this point on the route. Alongside this arch is the rail bridge that currently carries the Chiltern line, which would be replaced under HS2. If a few days of road resurfacing can cause delays that make the traffic reports it is hard to imagine what around two years of construction work will do to the area.

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One thought on “A new road surface, Greenford Road

  1. carole on said:

    i didn’t notice the surface change this morning on route to Northwick Park Hospital, but coming home i noticed! what a difference in the feel of the road under the wheels of the car, and what a real difference when leaving that new surface, it is deffinately noisier on the old surface and the old surface seems to grip the tyres, i hope the rest of the road is done for the sanity of the residents, i will be at the Greenford Green ward forum next week. it will be interesting to hear what the residents say of that new road surface.

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