Bicycle, slip road, Greenford Flyover

This bike seems so out of place parked next to the fast moving traffic at the flyover. Most of the cars going past had one passenger – the driver – which is something that has to change if emissions and the consumption of oil are to be reduced.

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2 thoughts on “Bicycle, slip road, Greenford Flyover

  1. You are right there, but how to get people to share cars, or better still, use public transport… Discuss!

    • I have begun to wonder if more funding should be provided for the development of emission free cars. I have never learned to drive and don’t really get “car love” but I don’t think we’ll ever stop humans wanting to get from A (usually their front door) to B when they want to, not when the bus or train timetable lets them. They’ll also want to do it in comfort, protected from the elements – we aren’t all cut out for cycling! The rise in the cost of fares has shocked me, especially as the standard of public transport here is so poor. I now walk more than I used to. Car sharing schemes do exist and it may be that they need a boost from local government to promote them. Just getting people to walk a bit more would be good for all sorts of reasons!

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