Greenford Bridge, Ruislip Road East

The name “Greenford” was first documented in 848 as “Grenan Forda” and literally meant a place where the river Brent was crossed. In the medieval period there may have been two bridges in the area but there has been one at this location since the 17th century. At the moment the level of the Brent is quite high, worrying for homes and businesses close to it as there has been flooding here in the past and more rain is forecast.

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3 thoughts on “Greenford Bridge, Ruislip Road East

  1. Patricia on said:

    Hello Albertina, this is a fantastic photo which captures Greenford Bridge extremely well from a really great angle. I live not too far from the bridge and always admire it when I walk across it. Lately though there has been a lot of litter by the river’s bank which really saddens me. I hope the Council will be able to take action and halt this filthy habit immediately. It would be tragic if litter louts were allowed to ruin such a structure with so much history. Once again, well done on the photo.

    • Hello Patricia and thanks for commenting. I think the bridge is one of the nicest things about Greenford, it’s close to the site of the Load of Hay and Ruislip Road is one of the oldest routes in the area. It was impossible to ignore the litter in Greenford during the course of the blog project. Unfortunately even those who consider themselves quite respectable drop litter, I’ve seen people discard wrappers and tissues without even thinking about it. It won’t stop happening until everyone takes personal responsibility for the state of Greenford. They need to take rubbish home with them instead of expecting the council to clear everything up.

      • Patricia on said:

        You are right. The Council do a fantastic good job as it is by providing public bins and cleaning and sweeping pavements and streets regularly. All Greenford residents need to take personal responsibility for litter. It has become quite a problem in recent years and really depresses me because I love the area and the surroundings. I’m hoping things will improve and people will take pride in keeping the bridge and Greenford as a whole clean.

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