Gilbert, Oldfield Lane North

I have always been intrigued by this shop which has remained empty for years, in fact I have no idea what sort of business “Gilbert” was. I love the stylish pared down lettering which fits in so well with the rest of this small parade of shops, dating from the 1930’s. This is something that I feel should be preserved though the fact that the other shops are also out of use does not bode well. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is in line for demolition and redevelopment.

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7 thoughts on “Gilbert, Oldfield Lane North

  1. Ted Drawneek on said:

    Hi, Albertina

    I really like your blog. I used to live in Greenford 40 years ago. With each of your photos, I try to locate the scene on Google Street View, and usually I can. It’s surprising what you can see from a few web searches. Greenford hasn’t changed that much.

    The shops are in the Greenford Road, not Oldfield Lane. A search for 1109 Greenford Road shows a planning application for flats and a Banqueting Suite, whatever that is.

    Click to access DC11118693-29-00015_110706_746_01_1.PDF

    As for “Gilbert”, I remember the shop from way back, and found it sort of interesting too. It had the same lost quality about it. Back then, I think it carried builder’s supplies, things like baths and toilets.

    Looking forward to your future photos…

    Ted Drawneek (ex 1304 Greenford Road)

    • Ted, I’m so glad you like the blog. Something I’ve noticed about Greenford is that quite a few people have lived here for a long time. When I moved here my neighbours had already been there for 45 years and stayed for another 15! That generation seems to be disappearing and houses are now often shared by tenants who move on fairly quickly. I suppose some might regard some things about Greenford as old fashioned but they’re often the things I like. It’s a shame that the shop is likely to become a banqueting hall. That usually means a large space with catering facilities that gets hired out for weddings and similar events. I wouldn’t fancy living over it though, a bit noisy! I suspect the parking will become an issue very quickly. Thanks for commenting, it will be interesting to read what you think about future posts. Best wishes, Albertina.

  2. Paul David walker on said:

    Hi.. Have just read your article on Gilberts old shop in greenford. I can tell you for sure it used to sell catering equipment. There used to be a warehouse at the rear ( I used to work there ) much of the equipment they used to sell was imported from Germany & Austria. And was of a very high quality. It was a plesure seeing the old shop again.

    • Thanks for commenting on this Paul. That’s fascinating, I suspected that it sold something you’d have to go out of your way for because it isn’t a particularly good location for passing trade. I hope it survives because it is a bit of a local landmark.

    • Danny Jackson on said:

      Hi Paul,

      Just read your reply, I am Jim jacksons son. I think you may remember him. He passed away in 2003 but I have a fuzzy memory of you from the 80’s. Hope you are well,


  3. Danny Jackson on said:


    I know this is a very late reply but would just like to say that Gilbert’s used to supply kitchen items to restaurant’s and shops. An interesting thing they made was ketchup bottles which are still seen everywhere even now. They had a patent on the mold to produce them and sold thousands of bottles. You can even see them on repeats of only fools and horses and eastenders. The building was finally knocked down a couple of weeks ago to make way for flats. Hope that helps.

    • Yes, I walked past there last night and it’s all gone. It’s going to become Greenford Gate. That’s a fascinating addition to the sum of information about it. Thanks for commenting.

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