Traffic jam, Greenford Road at Oldfield Lane North

North Greenford’s commuters resign themselves to a long wait as roadworks begin to have an impact, even on a Sunday afternoon.

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6 thoughts on “Traffic jam, Greenford Road at Oldfield Lane North

  1. Greenford is one big traffic jam, isn’t it? The centre, anyway.

    By the way, you might like this celebration of Art Deco buildings in Ealing and Brentford. Big up to our area!

    • One thing I would love to see is a reduction in traffic and an increase in walking/cycling/public transport, if only to keep down emissions! I have oozed about your great Art Deco blog post on Twitter, loved it. I feel so sad that so many of these buildings are still vulnerable to developers who can’t see their potential. I’ve blogged about one that became the Starlite Ballroom which I may have told you about (should come up if you Google “Starlite Greenford”). It began life as an Odeon cinema. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ana Ridley on said:

    This is exactly where I used to live! As you cross the zebra crossing on the right we lived in the house straight in front of it! Number 1430! You get used to the traffic noise along there although I don’t remember it being this bad! 🙂

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