Robin, in our garden

Every year the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds holds The Big Garden Birdwatch. People are asked to spend an hour during a particular weekend in January making a note of the birds they can see in their garden so that they can pass on the information to the RSPB. This is used to assess the state of the garden bird population in the UK. Thousands of people take part but they can never get enough data so please join in if you can.

We get all kinds of birds in our garden but we love robins because they seem so friendly.

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4 thoughts on “Robin, in our garden

    • They’re great aren’t they? I’ve spent a lot of time in their company, usually turning up worms for them in the garden. This was often a few feet away from our cat who didn’t try to harm them.

      • Awww how sweet of your cat. I know some cats need to wear warning bells because they attack birds. Not their fault because of their nature, but I still find it great that some cats can get along well with other animals like birds or dogs. 🙂

      • He was a very special moggy and we really miss him. Our garden is now the hangout for many of the neighbourhood cats, one of whom regularly chases off a fox. She’s a very small cat and I’m beginning to feel sorry for that fox. Can’t think what it must be doing to its pride…

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