Hovis bakery, Oldfield Lane North

I wish I could provide a scratch ‘n sniff card for everyone who looks at this image. The warm smell of fresh bread wafts across Greenford from the Hovis bakery every day, even on Sundays. I have sometimes caught the smell of chocolate and wondered if local sales of confectionary rise on these occasions. This building has even more of these distinctive trucks parked on its roof.

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4 thoughts on “Hovis bakery, Oldfield Lane North

  1. I used to live in North Greenford between 1992 to 2007. I moved to Harrow due the poor secondary school choices available at that time. I have noticed they are building a new school bottom of Oldfield lane North (former GSK site). Too late for my kids, but it is going to be run by Twyford School of Acton (an excellent school btw).

    North Greenford is going through rapid changes not only in development but in population as well. The Hovis building you captured above is going to be shut down (with a loss of about 200 jobs). Hence finding your site via Google. I have heard rumours that that site is going to be developed as well and wanted further more information. But it appears not in the Greenford Development Plan.


    So the interesting question is what is going to be the future. I hope its not another housing development. I would prefer to be used for small community local Arts & Craft companies.

    Your site is excellent and capturing the essence of changing Greenford. I am familiar with most of your areas you covered and you shoot great pictures. Some ideas for further pictures:-

    1. Top of Horsenden Hill. Especially in summer, you are able to see great views of surrounding areas.
    2. Westway shopping centre and the massive post office centre ( Best seen from the Tube train heading into Greenford Station).
    3. North Greenford Allotments on Whitton Ave (been there since 1930’s)
    4. Oldfield lane South recreation ground. A nice little park tucked into high density housing. A panoramic view would be nice.
    5. Some polish shops along Greenford road (Called the Polish Mile) there must be at least Polish 15 shops along that long road.

    All the best and look forward seeing your pictures.

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