Dog walkers, Cayton sports grounds

As much as I love dogs, and I really do, I am far too lazy to get up as early as this every day to walk one! Some people have mixed feelings about them, especially the ones traditionally used as guard or attack dogs. The reality is that very small dogs can be as vicious as the large ones. My personal opinion is that a dog’s behaviour is usually down to its carer. At the very least owners should clean up after them and train them to return when they are called. Responsible dog lovers always do and fortunately there are enough of them in Greenford to make relations with the “dog free” positive and friendly.

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4 thoughts on “Dog walkers, Cayton sports grounds

  1. I’m far too lazy to battle wind and rain to take a dog out for a walk!

  2. I have considered it in the past but it seems my partner has an allergy to dog fur so that makes it impossible now. If I did own one I suspect it might become a dog that took itself for walks! I have seen dogs do that, I’ve even seen them wait at crossings for the traffic to stop!

  3. I have three of them (admittedly, they are only teeny tiny dogs), but you will find me walking them at 6.30am before I head off to work!! It’s hard work sometimes, especially when the weather’s bad, but they’re worth it!

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